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  • OnlyFax

    OnlyFax is our new beta-version faxbot. We've got an online resource with all active faxes, a leaderboard of the most faxed monsters in the Kingdom, and support for clan fortune telling (with a few other bells and whistles). Check it out!

  • BOFA

    This is a web tool for figuring out which monsters are associated with which postcombat effect from the Book of Facts across the many class/path combinations in the Kingdom. Currently in beta, it may be enhanced soon!

  • Museum

    Museum is the successor to the old display case database. It contains a full account of every display case among KOL players, updated shortly after rollover each day. Track your cool collections!

  • Greenbox

    Script for generating a shareable list of all the permanent skills, bound IOTMs, familiars owned, and path progress attained on a specific account. A spiritual successor to CheeseCookie's snapshot tool!

  • Treat

    Quick reference for the various trick-or-treat outfits in the Kingdom of Loathing and what you get for wearing them, including up-to-date mall price!