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There are a ton of places to engage with the KOL community. Here are a few!

In addition to these myriad ways to get in touch with us and interact with the broader community, we wanted to use this page to highlight a few other KOL resources outside of the loathers.net umbrella that you may find useful.

  • ASS maintains a KOL Reference Repository, with a lot of great content across paths
  • Famed beany lad worthawholebean maintains a KOL Class Picker that can be used to examine seeded goodies throughout the myriad path/class combinations in the game
  • Captain Scotch maintains a yearly Standard Helper Sheet; use this to help plan out 2023 standard runs!
  • If you haven't visited the KOL Wiki, installed KOLMafia, or actually played the Kingdom of Loathing... I mean, well, it's pretty impressive you got this far in our website, frankly. But you should probably check out those things, absolutely nothing contained in this website makes a lick of sense without them!

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