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Unrestricted Pulls

2023-07-31 // Strategy Helpers

Over 20 years of the game's existence, there's a ton of extremely powerful pulls you can snag to help speed up your non-hardcore speedruns. Loathers & ASS maintain a general standard pull list, but we don't generally keep one up to date for unrestricted. This page is going to serve as (essentially) a simple list of additional powerful non-standard pulls that can be linked as an addendum to the standard list if you're trying to speedrun a non-standard path. Hope this adds a few items you can consider beyond the best items in the standard sheet!

If you're trying to save turns, these pulls are your best options:

PullTurns Saved
eldritch elixir or eldritch snapIf you aren't burning all delay, getting eldritch attunement doubles all your non-breathitin free fights into delay burn. That can be 6-8 extra delay burn and a ton of extra familiar turns, which is pretty dope!
chunky familiar weight pullsIf you own a Frumious Bandersnatch or a Pair of Stomping Boots, you can turn every 5 pounds of familiar weight into a free run. That's pretty good value, for the high-fam-weight pulls. Good examples here are the Vintage Smart Drink (+20), Silver Face Paint (+20), and the Repaid Diaper (+15), for 3-4 free runs apiece.
Platinum Yendorian Express CardIf you use either of the above pulls, a PYEC is often a good additional pull; you can get +5 turns of any 1-turn effect, meaning your 1-turn silver face paint turns into a 6 turn effect, and eldritch attunement lasts for 5 more turns (so, perhaps +5 delayburn.) Without these kinds of important low-duration effects, it gets less valuable, but can still be useful for Steely Eyed Squint extension.
Breathitin ™Coerces 5 outdoor fights into free fights for 2 spleen. Self-evidently powerful.
bottle of blank-out5 free runs a day in most paths, for 5 easy-peasy delay burn
spooky putty sheet5 copies per day; not in delay, like backups or digitize or other things, but it's still five cool copies!
turkey blaster5 turns delayburn for 2 spleen; inferior to breathitins, but it's still pretty great in any universe where you aren't burning all delay!
stuffing fluffer4-5 turns saved in war, if you don't have thanksgarden. Otherwise, goes down to 2-3 turns saved in a 2-day and 4 turns in a 1-day -- a little better than blaster generally, due to removing otherwise necessary fight completions from your run (versus just removing delay, which can be solved without completing a combat via free runs).
cornucopiaYou can use this to get (often) an extra fluffer/blaster! Heck yeah.
pokegarden seedsIf you have thanksgarden, this is a nice pull to get extra cornucopias. Otherwise, not really useful, just duplicates garden growth. You can get a few extra freekills from rock garden, without Thanksgarden?
cashewIf a single cashew gets you an extra fluffer or cornucopia, this is worth it. Otherwise, it isn't.
gravy boatAs a non-consumable, it's a nice every-now-and-then pull. It shaves 3-4 turns off the whole cyrpt after the big nerf in early 2023.
navel ring / GAP / peppermint parasolGives you 3 guaranteed runs... you can also get 3-4 more if you're willing to risk some non-free runs!
replica bat-oomerang3 free kills a day; simple, powerful, good.
jokester's gunOne free kill a day -- in a >1 day run, that's good!
clara's bellOne slotless stench jelly a day is nice. It's OK.
infinite bacon machine1 free tower key in a 2-day run, otherwise it's... not really great, probably don't pull it!

If you need to generate more turns, these pulls are good turn generators.

PullTurns Generated
PantsgivingIn unrestricted, 2-3 extra fullness is 14-ish turns, which is solid value; this is obviously an extremely expensive pull, but if you pull it early and keep it equipped long enough, it's self-evidently powerful
synthetic dog hair & distention pillsOne fullness or drunkenness cleared. It's fine, not great, but relatively cheap, as you can generate 5 per day of one or the other
wrecked generatorReally not recommended, but if you're low on IOTMs and need massive turgnen with very little thought, you can pull a wrecked generator. These require preparation prior to your run, because you need to purchase them from the Lunar Lunch-o-Mat and they can't be traded, but I often keep a few around for a lazy large-turngen pull
powerful rollover gearIf you're trying to generate turns in a 2+ day run, a piece of rollover gear for a big gob of adventures per day is better than quite a lot of these options; things like Counterclockwise Watch, clockwork maids, lavaco lamps, etc
etched hourglassFlat 5 turns gained. It's fine! Not great, but pretty easy
license to chillFlat 5 turns gained. If you have it, it's better than etched hourglass, but also you're extremely rich! Good for you
Article contributed by Captain Scotch