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A Guide to Burning Leaves: Overview

2023-10-31 // IOTM Overview

This month's IOTM is about going outside and touching grass. And then, after you touch grass, collecting leaves and burning them to cinders!

General Summary

The item creates a tiny pile of burning leaves in your campground. It also gives you an offhand rake and a familiar equipment rake. You use these tools to collect leaves. Then, you can go to your campsite and throw specific numbers of leaves in the fire to spend them on items and free fights. What can you spend your leaves on? Boy, am I glad you asked! Several things!

  • You can summon a flaming leaflet, leaviathan, or monstera, for 5 free fights per day!
  • You can summon a lasso that lets you bag up a monster to get 1 free fight of each atop the 5 summonable freebies, for extra free fights!
  • You can get a bed that gives you 5 extra free rests per day and adds stats to the rests!
  • You can make a variety of melting equipment for +2 mox/mus/mys stats per fight!
  • You can get prismatic resistance for a while!
  • You can get initiative by jumping into the flames! Yeouch!
  • You can get an ambient damage effect!

For more, visit this spreadsheet!

Speedrun Applicability

While the item has serious flair, the guide isn't going to break major new ground for speedruns. It takes quite a while to build up the leaves you'd need to fight the chunky scaling monsters like the Monstera; more likely, speedsters are going to be aiming for five fights a day against the Flaming Leaflets. These aren't going to give major stats, nor are they going to be high value fights, but five free fights is always at least a little valuable. Try to save these fights for periods with high familiar XP to synergize with your Grey Goose!

2023 In-Standard Synergies

  • Each leaflet fight will progress your Model Train Set, giving you a little over half a lap per day.
  • Each leaflet fight can be used as a familiar turn.
    • Of the standard familiars, I'd deem it most valuable as a goose fight -- these are great fights for generating drones with your Goose. Remember to use Carbohydrate Cudgel or Monkey Slap to eliminate leaflet drops if you'd like to use the fights for that!
  • Each leaflet fight will add damage to your cleaver, for +1 prismatic damage.
  • The Forest Canopy Bed (for 77 leaves) can get you 5 free rests worth of cinch on your Cincho de Mayo. Unless you have very low perms/shinies, this is likely not enough for an entire extra forced noncombat, but it removes a bit of the pressure for finding a Mother's Necklace from your June Cleaver, which is a pretty good deal.
  • The autumnic bomb can be used to make the Wall of Bones easier to towerkill, as you can use it to destroy half it's HP at the cost of one round. Pretty nice!

Overall Rating

We'd rate A Guide to Burning Leaves as a tier 5 IOTM, with less than 1 turn saved daily in your average run. It's actually a pretty decent farming IOTM, at least right now, as leaves are relatively expensive. But it's pretty skippable in standard (at least for now).

Article contributed by Captain Scotch